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Choose Wisely…

This is my first blog in quite a few weeks, so I apologize if you’ve missed me… lol!

I’ve had to hunker down on building out programs for my business and I had to make a conscious choice of where I directed my energy.

I’ve spoken in the past about our choices, and it was again a topic with many of my clients this week.

My advice and guidance always starts with choices; bring awareness to what it is that you truly desire and prepare yourself as if you already have achieved it.

Set your intentions daily with that choice in mind and put action behind it. Allow the universe to start moving and shifting things to make room for it.

Sounds like some woo-woo shit doesn’t it…lol. Well, it kinda is!

Everything is made of matter and matter vibrates…our thoughts which become words, which become actions and those become beliefs guide the universe in bringing back to us those things we most desire.

If you are casting yourself in worry and doubt and anxiety then you are making a choice for that. So when you get it, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Notice the people that are happiest… (yes happiest, not richest) money doesn’t equal happiness although with the right abundant mindset you CAN have and enjoy both (but that’s another discussion).

Notice those people and how they operate, what their attitude is, how they handle set-backs, what their belief system is and how they treat others…

They are CHOOSING happiness.

In return, happiness chose them!


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