Prepare to Fail

News Flash: You are going to fail … A LOT!

Everyone fails… I do, you do, your parents, their parents, your kids, your teacher….. EVERYONE!

There is no such thing as perfect.

The sooner you accept the fact that you will fail and get comfortable failing, the sooner you will start to grow!

How do you grow by failing, you may ask?

Well, if you’ve accepted that fact that you will fail, when you do fail the growth comes from how you react!

Do you complain, point the finger, blame someone else, get pissed off... and do you quit?

That behavior - especially the quitting part - gets you nowhere.

We might be without electricity if Thomas Edison quit on 9,999 try.

Disney wouldn’t exist if Walt listened to all the people who told him that no one would pay attention to a talking cartoon mouse.

Shake it off, check your ego at the door, get back up and get back in the fight!

Learn from your failure and try again.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable, it’s supposed to be stressful…

Embrace the suck!

By failing you are setting yourself up with the knowledge and skills to keep moving forward.

In fact, if you want to compete at the highest levels in your sport or business, you should be deliberately putting yourself into positions to fail… otherwise how will you know what you are capable of?!

Average is the kiss of death…. I dare you to be better… I dare you to FAIL!