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Mindset Body Bank blends performance-enhancing training tools with proven techniques. Our program, whether you're a high performance pro athlete or an aspiring prospect we will provide the tools to improve focus, awareness, and mindfulness to give you an edge when you need it most!


Learn tools and techniques that help:

  • Manage internal & external distractions

  • Control physical & mental states

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Strengthen visualization & imagery

  • Improve team cohesion & communication

  • Reduce critical errors

  • Enhance performance

  • Prevent costly injuries


Let Me Show You How to Create an Invincible Mindset

Mindset Body Bank is the culmination of years of firsthand experience knowing that the most successful athletes and individuals are set apart by their ability to control their minds and control the moment.

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As seen On Global News : Parent Playbook: Spring Tryouts. 

Watch on Global News.

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As seen On Global News : Parent Playbook. Watch on Global News.

Name, Title


in case you missed it

On February 6th, I co-hosted a virtual summit called Life Through Hockey. It allowed young hockey players in lockdown an opportunity to interact with former players and executives from the NHL, current coaches from the OHL and many supporters and contributors to the game.
I've shared my welcome video from the summit, so you can learn about my story, who I am, and the reason I created the Mindset Body Bank platform.

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

( read that again )

Do you live your mission?

Are you holding back from fully stepping into your potential of being the best you can be in your sport ? Are you hiding in the comfort, safety and security of relying on talent alone?


I was there!


Or maybe you've hit a plateau, or your stuck in a rut or maybe coming off an injury and it's taken 120% of your time, energy and resources staring down this massive vision you have for the NEXT level and wondering ... "How the hell am I going to get there when it's taken everything in me just to get here?"


I can feel that too!


If you're an athlete you're aware that sports careers are not forever. We all share a vision for serving ourselves as best we can while we can. Giving everything we have to our passion and the team to provide massive success and value through a long career eventually being able to retire to have the time and freedom to spend life the way we want to after sports. Is it possible? Have you thought that far ahead?




So why are so many mission-driven athletes and professionals living a life of stress, overwhelm, worry and frustration while struggling to get their career to the level of impact that would allow them to truly feel successful AND be happy?


Why do many feel like they are never as far along as they should be, that they are never doing enough and that it’s never good enough? Even with "fame and success of being in the spotlight"?


Why do they spend so much time comparing themselves to other athletes or peers or to a standard that isn’t even appropriate for where they are in the growth of their career?


I got you covered here!


These questions and many more are answered through the Mindset Body Bank program.


So join me as we explore the connection between your mind and your body to allow you to be in control when things seem out of control and to develop the tools and routines to have at your disposal when life comes knocking!

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