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Who is

Rob Pallante

and what is a Mindset Coach?

let's get acquainted

After turning 50 in 2019 I started to truly question what my purpose was and what my contribution and legacy was going to be. I didn’t feel I was where I thought I should be…not physically, financially, spiritually or mentally. On top of that, I started feeling this pull towards being of service for others. Hard to envision when I felt like I was hardly doing enough for myself.

Back in 2015 I was in a near death motorcycle accident…not only did it put me in the hospital for up to 40 days and not only did I require 6 surgeries at that time and two more over the next 2 years, but it left me laying on my back questioning everything. 


Who was going to take care of my kids, who was going to provide for them, how can I get better and how can I get out of here quicker so I can start to be a provider again? (FYI… I was originally told I’d be there for 120 days… looking back now, 40 days was a blessing).


So many questions and lots of time to reflect.

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I thought about my hockey career and the path that took me on. I had moderate success and was fortunate enough to get a scholarship and then play a little minor pro afterwards, but I always felt I had left something on the table. At the time it was a finger pointing exercise…it wasn’t my fault, I got screwed, the coach didn’t like me, so many excuses.


Looking back, I had mentally beat myself up and given up when things didn’t go my way. Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves causes us to feel stuck. This isn’t about working harder, putting in more time in the gym, running an extra lap….I now know this is about the mindset that you create when you wake every morning and the mental routine that we build that allows us those wins each day.


At other times I would consider my professional business career…again having success early, success in sales, moving quickly up the corporate food chain, becoming a leader, a sales manager, a VP etc… but again blaming unfortunate circumstances on others when things went south. They didn’t like me, I got screwed, why did this happen to me….and this streak of bad luck if you will, continued after I got out of the hospital and got back up to rebuild my life. A series of fortunate yet unfortunate opportunities. I was always able to provide and put food on the table but that feeling of not reaching my potential and falling just short, for whatever reason, haunted me.


But always in the back of my head I could hear that voice telling me I was meant to do more, I was meant to be more, I was meant to be of service…but how, and what?


I became a very avid reader. I was consumed with elements of what some might call "woo woo" mindset…how our thoughts become who we are, how they translate into the universe, how they bring back to us exactly what we put out, how we truly are either free or can become prisoners of our own minds. We all have the choice. The universe doesn’t discriminate. Most of us fall into the category of never truly meeting our potential.


It was this reflection of self that allowed me to stop pointing the fingers on failures of the past and at people who I thought did me wrong. I owned every single thought and all the actions behind them. I owned my successes and I owned my failures and I have learned that it was my attitude and mindset that held me back from reaching my potential. That stuck feeling was caused by me. And I now possess the tools that that I have learned and developed over the last few years that I wish someone had of shared with me years ago to help unlock that potential and get unstuck.


Someone asked me what keeps me up at night?


Well I'll tell you, it's standing at the Pearly Gates when this is all over, meeting the person I was supposed to be and knowing I didn't fulfill that potential.

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My Vision
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Create awareness behind the idea that what you think is what you become. And how to think to overcome adversity.



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Help conscious minded high performers  understand the benefits of a healthy body and how combined with a healthy mind will unleash even greater potential.

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Provide quality information and tools to allow others to cash in on their efforts and build up a foundation of mental and physical resources that they can call on when needed.

My Core Values

MY core values


Mental Toughness / Discipline / Grit / Determination / Integrity

On January 6, 2019 my journey had started to come full circle and this program was essential in rounding out the person I know I was meant to be!


Here are the details of #75Hard ...everything below needs to be completed everyday for 75 days;

  1. Two 45 min workouts per day (*one HAS to be outside)

  2. Follow a clean diet

  3. No alcohol or cheat meals

  4. Read 10 pages (**you MUST read, audiobooks don't count)

  5. Drink 1 gallon or 3.79 litres of water per day

  6. Take a progress pic daily


*you have until you go to bed to complete however...IF you fuck up,

you START OVER at Day 1!!


Although the physical change is most noticeable, the mental shift was the kick-in-the-ass I need to jump start my journey. I learned so much about what I was capable of doing. 

"The body will endure what the mind can pull it through!"

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