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Happiness starts with your thoughts

Have you ever looked back on those times in your life where you were super happy?

Belly laughing with your friends, emotionally charged after a workout, or just relaxed and present in a moment alone?

I'm sure we all have those times to reflect ask yourself, what you were thinking about?

Where was your mind, your thoughts?

I can almost guarantee you were present in the moment, not worried about the past or anxious about the future and your thoughts were filled with positivity.

We have to learn to give ourselves permission to be happy. It's no one else's responsibility but our own. It's not dependent on money or material things, although those can offer moments of satisfaction, but they don't provide happiness.

I recently read a book called The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, (highly recommended if you haven't read it yet) and it simply states 4 simple agreements that we need to make with ourselves. But like any other agreement, the power lies in your ability to honor and uphold that agreement.

The 4 agreements simply stated are as follows;

1. Use your words impeccably. This starts with your intentional and positive and kind to yourself and others. Those thoughts then become words and those words become actions. learning to be impeccable with your words is the stepping stone to happiness.

2. Don't take things personally. The world could use a dose of this today. We must remember that we are only offended if we allow ourselves to be offended. Other peoples thoughts of us are their business, not ours.

3. Don't make assumptions. Similar to #2 we need to learn not to try and project our beliefs on someone else and/or assume they know what WE would do in a situation. This is how regret and envy sneak into your life. It's a terrible way to live and it makes for uncomfortable relationships. Also you don't want to add to negative gossip which can become cancerous... i.e. Look at what's going on in the world and the division created between neighbors that assumptions have created in our society.

4. Try your best everyday. This is the glue that holds the other 3 agreements together and will ultimately lead to your happiness. Not everyday is full energy and creativity. We all have "off days". But if we make conscious decisions to show up and put in the work and be the best person, think positive thoughts, don't take things personally and not spread gossip or make assumptions then we will put ourselves in a position to try our best consistently.

Each day will present new challenges and life will continue to test us and each day is a chance to reset and start again or build on the momentum. And it all starts with our thoughts!


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