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Identifying Your Competition

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

So let's just cut to the chase here....your biggest competitor is you!

I've spent time at very high levels in both sport and business and I can tell you this... the teams, the companies and the individuals who spend more time worrying about what their competitors are doing, rather than focusing on themselves, wind up standing with "hat in hand" wondering what just happened?

I think more so now during these times of miscommunication, misunderstanding, fear, uncertainty and doubt that we need to continuously stop comparing to those around us and start to be accountable to who WE are.

You may have heard the saying, "check your ego at the door." That's a very difficult thing for most people, myself included. We all want to make an impression and be better than the person beside us. Successful people know that if they are the smartest person in the room, they are in the wrong room.

To be successful we need to start with ourselves and becoming the absolute best that we can. Having potential is great, if you use it. Wasted potential becomes toxic. We know we can do better when we don't and we often compare ourselves to others and make excuses.

If we look inward and start with simple things, proper rest and nutrition...the foundation for health. Noticing what we think about most often and how we deal with ourselves when negative thoughts appear. Eliminate making excuses and trust that vulnerability is not a weakness.....this combination of syncing body and mind will help propel you past your and believe in YOU, put in the work and rest will take care of itself.


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