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Opportunity Through Chaos

In light of all that is happening around us these days, this quote from Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, stands out most to me.

I see so many people who have used the lockdown as an excuse rather than an opportunity.

We complain and whine and bitch about things we cannot control; mask bylaws, government corruption, misdirection of information and misleading information, reduced freedoms… somewhere out there lies the truth.

The real challenge is not worrying about the things we can’t control but rather looking for opportunity within the things we can control!

Instead of spending 95% of the time focusing on the problem and 5% on the solution…flip the script!

Look at the problem briefly, acknowledge it, but focus your thoughts and efforts to find solutions.

What we think about is what we become.

Learning to become neutral and finding the calm between stimulus and reaction will allow you to think clearly, act rationally and contribute positively.

And ultimately... isn’t that the goal?

You’ll never strike gold if all you're thinking about is the rock!


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