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Stop Losing To Yourself

Have you ever had a conversation, or should I say, a debate with that little voice inside your head?

You know, the one that talks you out of doing the shit you should be doing to be great.

The voice that tells you it’s ok to sleep in….

The voice that tells you don’t have to finish EVERY rep …

That voice that tells you “No one will ever know” …

Some call it the bitch voice.

I call it Joey. (Yeah, I gave it a name, because it allows me to interrupt him when he starts debating with me.)

Despite that voice we must train ourselves to STOP the debate and TAKE action.

I use Mel Robbins advice which is to count backwards from 5.

"Five, four, three, two, one" … ACTION.

It’s a very quick and effective way to interrupt disruptive thoughts.

Act immediately and punish that voice by doing extra.

Nothing can stop a person who has trained themselves to execute like that.

Talk about mental toughness!

Mentally tough people don’t have an excuse button because they’ve built neuropathways through rituals, routines and repetition that don’t allow that voice to take hold.

As soon as non-productive thoughts creep in, they recognize them as an opportunity to pivot into action and execute.

If you don’t make that decision immediately, you start to allow that voice to grab hold of reason. Trust me nothing good comes from that. Remind yourself that you are playing the long game and must sacrifice instant gratification for long term success.

In the end the decision is yours …you either beat that voice or you lose to yourself!


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