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Cheat Code

The Cheat Code between Good and Great

If you were to ask most athletes, from any level, what they believe is the difference between good and great, you will most likely hear things like,

· Talent

· Skill

· Hard work

· Attitude

· Effort

All of those definitely are contributors to being great.

But they are NOT the cheat code that is going to help you become great.

Those things are table stakes.

I’m gonna give you the cheat code right here, right now…. ready?

Here goes ….


How you manage your time and what YOU DO with your time will help you cross that chasm between good and great.

I bet that’s not what you were expecting to hear?

Ask yourself this, when you’re not at the rink, the field, or on the court…what are you doing?

Just because you worked out with your team doesn’t mean you’re done.

The great ones are ALWAYS looking for ways to get better and they use their time to develop their skills, work on their weaknesses and strengthen their mind.

If you’re only putting in the minimum team requirements for training, then you should only expect to get minimum results.

Time blocking your day and stacking wins, day after day and using those 36,400 seconds each day better than your competition does is the ONLY cheat code to move from GOOD to GREAT!

How will you use your time to unlock that greatness??


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