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The Only Person You Need To Be Better Than

When we are young we look up to people. It could a sports hero, a parent, a movie star, a family member or someone you perceive who has what you want.

You may spend time imaging you are them, making the big play to win the big game, or being the superhero who saves the day, whatever the situation, you get to play the that person who everyone thinks is the best.

And as you get older theres a lot of pressure to be the best. Does that mean better than your childhood idol, better than the kid beside you in class, better than the person you work with...who do you need to be better than?

We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others. Especially today with social media that is constantly being blasted in our face through our mobile phones and our curiosity to see what others have, how they look, how successful they are, what they are buying, what business they are starting....the list goes on. Then you look in the mirror and many of us feel, well, less than zero!

Less than worthy, less attractive, less successful, less fit ..... but here's the shame of it all, a little's all lies! All of it!

And its not the people who we are comparing ourselves to that are lying (although I'm sure that much of what we see is purely made up from an ego based existence of the individual) but rather the lies we tell to ourselves.

We tell ourselves we ARE NOT these things....and we believe them. We believe our own lies! How fuckin crazy is that! All that pressure comes from within because we let it in! Stop .... stop right now and write down 5 things that you lie to yourself about, 5 things you think you're not good at or why you're not good enough. These are called Limiting Beliefs...we only think they are true because somewhere down the line either someone or you, told yourself these lies and you believed them and that became your reality.

Now, write down 5 empowering decisions that counter those Limiting Beliefs...for example if one of my LB's was, "I'm too old to follow my passion", then my empowering decision would be, "It's never too late and age is only limiting if I let it". Now the 3rd thing...find an example from your life that supports the empowering decision, such as, "I've had many people comment and support my passion recently." Now do this exercise for all your limiting beliefs and recite them 3x a day or whenever you start to feel those negative thoughts creeping in.

You see, we are all governed by our own beliefs and the only person we have to compete and be better than, was the person we were yesterday. We owe it to no one but ourselves to be the best...the best version of ourselves!


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