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the two sides of consistency

You may have heard people talk about the key to success is consistency. Hell, I have even shared that with you guys!

The truth is … consistency is a double-edged sword.

If you look at average athletes you compete against and how they conduct themselves, how they live and the routines they have and you pay close attention, you’ll notice that very few struggle with consistency.

A lot of them sleep in consistently.

A lot of them eat shitty food consistently.

A lot of them stay up late on their phones, play video games or watch Netflix late into the night consistently.

A lot of athletes consistently do the bare minimum and rely solely on talent.

So the question is, is consistency really the “key” to success?

Or is it consistency in doing the “right” actions?

Consistently doing the wrong things will get you nowhere!

Pay attention to your daily habits and routines and your actions. They speak louder than anything you tell yourself.

If your habits and routines aren’t moving you forward towards the results your looking to achieve….Change them!

There’s never been a better time to blow away your competition because MOST people are too mesmerized by shiny objects that they’ll make excuses and reasons why they’re not getting the results.

When you can train yourself to execute on the right actions consistently…. Anything is possible!

Don’t wait start today… start making consistency work FOR you rather than against you!


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