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The Uncomfortable Zone

Just saying those words will make some of you wince your face, shrug your shoulders and maybe even curl into a fetal position... lol! If the fetal position is your reaction then we've got bigger things to discuss!

I heard a term on a podcast the other day..."Blissful Dissatisfaction".

Essentially it means that we get a greater dopamine hit by doing harder things that stress our bodies and mind than when we achieve something with little effort.

In any case, as humans our bodies and our brains are primed and programmed to avoid discomfort. No one innately enjoys doing things that make our bodies hurt or exposing ourselves to extreme temperatures or even getting out of bed an hour earlier because they are NOT comfortable situations. The idea of these actions are ruled by what many refer to as our Bitch Voice. And that Bitch Voice knows all the things to say and trick us into believing and doing whatever is necessary to avoid those uncomfortable zones.

But guess what, this thing called life...she's a bigger bitch than your bitch voice. She doesn't give a fuck about your bitch voice or any excuse you come up with to defend why you didn't. Instead she's gonna kick you and knock you down and drag you around...because she can. Because, YOU allowed her too.

Excuses are rampant these days and my personal opinion is that we are progressively become a softer snowflake society. The stories that we've all heard about our grand parents and their parents and the hardships they endured when they first came here 50 or 100 years ago seem like fables now.

It's so much easier to look at someone who is successful and chalk it up to them being "lucky". Let me explain what lucky really means...Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

It's NOT by luck that one player makes it to the pro level over another, it's not luck when someone is given a raise or promotion over their peers. In 99% of those cases they had put in the work and the effort when no one was watching to prepare for the opportunity when it's presented. And chances are pretty good that their preparation involved putting themselves in uncomfortable situations where they'd be sacrificing their body, their family, their health, their social life...these are not 9-5 individuals. These are people who raise their level of preparation and are accustom to be being uncomfortable so that they separate themselves from the majority of people who don't rise to the level of expectations but rather fall to the level of their training.

So in 20 years from now will you be telling stories that start with "I would of..", "I could of.." or "I should of.." instead of "I did.."?

Stop listening to the Bitch Voice and let your Boss Voice start making uncomfortable decisions!!



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