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Welcome to the new year, not the new you!

As we reflect on this past year our minds will tend to focus on all the things that didn’t happen, all the things we didn’t become and all the things we didn’t do or achieve. This leads to this idea that we need to become a new version of ourselves.

What if we change the way we think shift our perspective about the new year and this new you!

What if we start the year by celebrating the things we did do, acknowledge the things we did make happen and be proud the things that we endured that allowed us to be reading this blog today.

No matter how successful or unsuccessful you believe 2022 to have been, YOU are NOT the same person you were a year ago.

Let’s use that as the foundation for starting this next 365 days.

Forget this idea of the new year and the new you…. everything you think you want to be, already exists inside you!

Focusing on painting this picture of this new you (outcome) will only lead to disappointment.

Instead focus on the small simple things (process) that you can do each day.

Embrace adversity.

Believe that everything happens for a reason.

Always be looking for an opportunity to learn.

Don’t ask how.

Don’t ask when.

Over time those small simple things will add up. They will compound over time.

Make small deposits into yourself each day and in 365 days from now you will be that person that you envisioned today.

BE PATIENT and enjoy the journey!



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