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Your biggest enemy is you.

If I look back on my life and I think about the good times, the dark times, the times I performed my best or times when I just wasn't in the game...the commonality across all those success or failures was me.

I can say that now, with 51 years of experience to look back on and reflect. I own every single one of my victories or my losses.

But that wasn't always the case.

For many years I pointed the finger at others or outside circumstances.

I blamed people, places and was never my fault.

I was a victim. I told myself I was owed better than the outcome. How dare they treat me that way, pass me over, bench me, trade me, whatever the scenario...I always had an excuse.

Little did I know that what I was doing to myself, was poisoning my own mind. I was creating a self-destructing mindset. A victim mindset. An excuse mindset.

I thought I was made of iron and nothing could break me...then I started to rust. And when that rust takes hold, let me tell you nothing spreads quicker.

My health, my relationships, my family... all rusted.

It was only through an unfortunate accident that created clarity and allowed me to start the rust removal process.

And its a doesn't happen over night.

It all starts by accepting your past, understanding your future and changing the way you think to change your perception of the present.

If you want to rust proof yourself...find out what you're passionate about, write down your goals, become present and grateful for the things you have. Stop focusing on the things you don't and learn to be positive and love yourself.

By learning to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs and letting go of things that you can't control or don't serve you, you will find strength within that you wouldn't allow yourself to accept before.


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