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Fear Is The Ingredient Required For Success

"Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear!"

Sounds easy right?

Well if it was that easy, then everyone would possess everything they desire in life... and I'm not necessarily referring to material things or money either.

Happiness, confidence, humility, success...whatever "IT" is, realize that "IT" always comes with a price.

That decision starts in your head, in your mind.

That conversation you have with yourself that there could be pain, there could be emotion, there could be a fall, a scrape, a bump, a bruise to your body or your ego...I've had this conversation with myself many many times.

But I can tell you this with the utmost certainty... once you make a decision to take action, then that choice could be what saves your life.

Whatever you are NOT changing you are choosing.

Don't let FEAR be the factor to stop you.

In fact, fear should be the ingredient that drives you.

Let me explain...have you ever had a meal and you knew something was missing. It just didn't taste right but rather than do something about it you just ate it anyway. Not very satisfying is it?

Then you add a little salt and , voila! That's what was missing.

You should embrace fear and use it to make yourself better. Make a decision that you don't want to live in fear but rather run the fuck right into it and through it!

Own "IT"

What we really fear is not really the fear, but the action that we know goes along with the fear.

The vulnerability, the routine change, the diet, the accountability, the integrity, whatever it is to stick with that choice.

The fear of admitting to ourselves that we were wrong or that we've only been lying to ourselves.... we're only fooling ourselves because everyone else around already knows it.

Those are big pills to swallow but in order to have the success we want we must pass through to the other side of those fears.


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