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Fire Your Friends

When you set out on your journey to achieve certain goals and build the life or vision that you have for yourself, you’re going to have to fire a few people along the way.

I’m not talking lazy employees or acquaintances… I’m talking about those toxic relationships.

People who are going to stand in your way and question your dreams or have you second guess your goals.

These people could be friends…

Your significant other…

Possibly even your mom or dad…

As weird as it sounds, the only way you are going to be able to protect yourself and your dreams are by auditing the people around you. Getting rid of those toxic relationships (or in the case of family members, just limiting your time and conversation with them) will give you the headspace to focus and grow into your vision.

Often times this treatment of toxic people will be a wakeup call for them too.

Understanding that your priorities are different than theirs and that your purpose is not to appease them but to focus on you, can be difficult but liberating.

As long as you communicate your concerns in a rational manner, you have nothing to be concerned about. How they react is up to them. If they truly care about you, they will come around.

This is a win-win for everyone.

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