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Overcoming Self Sabotage

Recently I've found myself extra motivated to do great things during my morning routine and workouts only to come home and stare blankly into my computer screen as if to telepathically transpose that energy into words on the screen, only to find myself in the same spot hours later with a blank screen trying to force something to happen.

Everyone is blessed with the ability to want. Some want financial success, some success in sport, others seek to change the world and many just want to change themselves.

Each of us has the power and ability to make what we want come true.

So why do many of us undermine our own efforts?

Personally often times I refuse support, allow my ego to lead me, I'll over commit, become indecisive or worse, start listening to my own limiting beliefs.

This isn't necessarily a deficiency of desire, intelligence, skill or effort that holds us back. What I've learned is that it's this internal tug-of-war based on fear. I know what I want, but consciously or unconsciously I get in the way of my own efforts.

This self sabotaging behaviour can effect my motivation and my drive. I can feel it. And sometimes even though I'm aware of it, it's crippling. And I find myself distracted by non-critical tasks that make me feel like I'm busy but I'm only fooling myself.

Have you ever felt like this?

And the more you continue to turn away from those challenges the easier it becomes. Next thing you know another day has passed and you lay in bed questioning yourself, why?

Each day like that pushes you further away from your life's dreams and diminishes your confidence. This self sabotage becomes cyclical. You start shying away from what you truly want and start telling yourself that you lack the ability to get it done.

This can quickly become a recipe for depression, frustration, discouragement and even anger as you become mad at yourself because you should know better!

Begin to recognize that all worthwhile goals take patience, organization, work ethic, and confidence. Self sabotage comes from feelings of inadequacy or un-deservedness. Learn to be kind to yourself and give yourself an extra portion of nurturing and love when you begin feeling that overwhelm.

You got this and you CAN go #ALLIN


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