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Who are you, and why are you here?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself those questions?

Do you really know who you are, or do you define yourself by the jersey that you wear?

I see so many athletes who do this and it’s such a common practice that we don’t even second guess it.

I’ll be the first to admit...I did it.

I didn’t know who I was until I wasn’t anymore. I always defined myself as a hockey player. When I stopped playing hockey, I felt like I lost my identity.

If you’re sport ended tomorrow, who would you be?

Tough question isn’t it?

So I challenge you to answer it. Dig deep and ask yourself, ask your family, ask your friends... who you are? Listen to what other people say about you and then think about the qualities that they use to describe you and then from there you can start to define who you are?

If that wasn’t deep, now ask yourself...why are you here?

Mind Blown

Ok, so now you’re thinking... “Well if I’m not a (insert sport) player then WHY am I here?

There are no right or wrong answers because there is only one person who can truly answer those.... YOU!

Figuring out what your core values are, what you stand for, defining the things within your moral compass that drive you and then aligning those with the reason you are doing them will help you define you’re WHY.

DO or DO NOT. There is NO try.” -Master Yoda


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